Bianca Minola

"the girly girl"

"Daddy's little princess"

"Her younger sister, Bianca was pretty and everyone wanted to marry her, but no one wanted to marry Kathrine"

- Bianca in Shakespeare on the Green ( the taming of the shrew short)

Early lifeEdit

little is known about Bianca's childhood but we can assume she's had a very well childhood being favored her whole life by her father and the Kingdom: Pauda adored her


Bianca, the sweet girl the perfect little princess! Bianca is first seen surrounded by her sister: Kate and her father: Baptista and her suitors. Bianca has always had a positive side to everything, she always tries to talk to Kate, but Katherine takes it as her gloating. Bianca after a while gives up on her relationship with Kate and focuses on her studies. soon a man Lucientio comes to town and catches her eye but she quickly avoids it knowing she may not fall in love because of Baptista's announcement of banned marriages! but Bianca was not the only one who noticed Luceintio, Lucientio also noticed her and fell in love! he quickly works to know Bianca, and he becomes her tutor in the disguise of Cambio. he woos her for her love and wins against all men. Bianca and Lucientio keep their love on low profile until Kate is tamed. but soon Bianca and Lucientio can get married and they do so!! their love is no secret now! Bianca and Lucientio are happily married, but Bianca refuses to come when Lucientio tests her Obedience. she says he was a fool. but Bianca and Lucientio quickly make up and they're assumed to have started a happy family with the sweetest of a mother.