Characters in The Merchant of Venice.

The Duke of Venice
The Prince of Morocco, suitor to Portia
The Prince of Arragon, suitor to Portia
Antonio, a merchant of Venice
Bassanio, his friend
Salanio, friend to Antonio and Bassanio
Salerio, friend to Antonio and Bassanio
Gratiano, friend to Antonio and Bassanio
Lorenzo, in love with Jessica
Shylock, a rich Jew
Tubal, a Jew, his friend
Launcelot Gobbo, a clown, servant to Shylock
Old Gobbo, father to Launcelot
Leonardo, servant to Bassanio
Balthasar, servant to Portia
Stephano, servant to Portia
Portia, a rich heiress
Nerissa, her waiting-maid
Jessica, daughter to Shylock
Magnificoes of Venice, Officers of the Court of Justice, Gaoler, Servants to Portia, and other Attendants

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