Characters from The Taming of the Shrew.

Kathrine Minola- "Kate the shrew" the main character of the play and everyone's worst enemy! Kate is the reason, her younger sister: Bianca can't get married so the men desperatly tries to marry Kate to someone so Binaca can get married so when Petruchio comes into the town, he makes a plan to tame "Kate the shrew"

Bianca Minola- the younger sister of Katherine, "daddy's little princess" Bianca is the favored child for baptista. even though Baptista loves her youngest daughter more than anything, he must ban any weddings for her, and this upsets Bianca, and it can be assumed that Bianca is wanting to find her own true love... this is where: Lucientio comes in!

Lucientio- a suitor for: Bianca, after lying eyes on her he falls in love and will do anything to marry this lovely girl and he makes a disguise of a school tutor calling himself "Cambio" and wins over Bianca's love!

Petruchio-  the man who came to town looking for a wife! Pertruchio looks for a well managable wife instead he's intrigued by: Katherine by her wealth and this challenge that's among him and works to tame Katherine!

Baptista- a more supportive character, Baptista is the father of Katherine and Bianca he loves both of his daughters but he favors Bianca, because of her sweetness and gentlness and of her nature where as Kate is very rude and a "shrew"

Horintezo- a top betting suitor for Bianca who meets, Petruchio and convinces him to marry Kathrine. so he may marry Bianca! he also like Lucientio goes under disguise of a tutor and tries to woo her for her love but Bianca falls in love with Lucientio

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