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Characters from Twelfth Night.

Viola - An aristocratic lady washed up on the shores of Illyria, who dresses as a man to work as a page for the Duke Orsino. She soon falls in love with Orsino and accidently makes Olivia fall in love with her (unknowing that Viola is actually a woman). In the end, she becomes Orsino's Wife after the revelation.

Sebastian - An aristocratic man who is also washed onto the shores of Illyria, with help from Antonio. Viola's twin brother. 

Orsino - A rich Duke, who rules Illyria, and is madly in love with Olivia. Finds comfort in sadness. 

Olivia - A rich countess in the land of Illyria who is in mourning after her brother and father's death. Becomes in love with Cesario unknowing that he is a girl, and by extension Sebastian, as Viola looks just like her brother when she is posing as a man. 

Malvolio - Olivia's Puritan servant, who is in love with her, and is disliked by Sir Toby, Maria and Fabian because he is constantly interfering with their fun. 

Sir Andrew Aguecheek - Drinking buddy of Sir Toby, who is very rich but an idiot and wants Olivia

Sir Toby Belch - Olivia's uncle, who is a complete drunk, and uses Sir Andrew to pay for his drink

Maria - Olivia's maid, who helps Sir Andrew and Sir Toby get rid of Malvolio by forging a love letter to him from Olivia. She is also a love interest for Toby. 

Feste - Olivia's fool who is friends with Toby and is mocked by Malvolio

Antonio - An enemy of Orsino and sea captain who takes in Sebstian after the storm

Fabian - A servant to Olivia and friend of Toby and Andrew

Valentine and Curio - Servants of Orsino who befriend Viola when she works for him.

The Captain - Of the ship that is wrecked, he and a few others survive and he helps Viola become disguised.

Sir Topaz - A priest; Feste pretends to be him to taunt Malvolio when he is locked up as a lunatic. In some versions Sir Topaz is the priest that marries Sebastian and Olivia. 

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