Katherina "Kate" Minola is the titular protagonist of The Taming of the Shrew


Early Life Edit

Katherine "Kate" Minola was born in Padua, Italy, to a family of nobles with her father Baptista was patriarch. While growing up, she expressed jealousy toward her younger sister Bianca for being doted over her by their parents, making her anxiety from feelings about her only that she remains unmarried well into adulthood due to her considerable faults of temper.

Role in the Play Edit

Katherine, the shrew was very rude and unwanted in Pauda. (the kingdom) everyone disliked her presence. but everyone put up with her just so they could talk to and accompy the presence of her younger sister: ! Many may assume that Bianca has always been the favorite and Kate's jealousy over that may be the cause of her shrewishness. she put up with her sister's fame in Pauda wanting her way and nothing but "Kate's way!" soon her father: Baptista announced that Bianca his youngest whom everyone wanted to marry would not be allowed to marry anyone until Kate was married. Pauda's men were in outrage knowing Bianca would never be allowed to marry, Kate would never find a wiliing enough husband! Kate was happy now that she had power over Bianca's fate! soon Horienzo( a high bidding suitor of Bianca) found a man looking for a wife: Petruchio and convinced him that Kate was the woman for him and warned him of the challenges. Petrchio set out for Kate to be his wife. after the wedding he took Kate home, and allowed to eat nothing finding fault with everything. she was not allowed to eat, sleep, or anything. Kate though he was trying to kill her! but soon they share a kiss. she now realizes her love for Pertuchio and does whatever she is told. and therefore is "tamed" she then attends Bianca's wedding to: Lucientio but when the wedding is over and the comepetion of the most obdient wife... Lucientio calls for Bianca and she does not come all the men do the same the same result. Petruchio then calls for Kate and she comes! Kate is now tamed! a happy ending for all!