Lady Macbeth (born Lady Gruoch) is the scheming wife of Macbeth, and the deutragonist-turned-secondary antagonist of the play of the same name.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Lady Gruoch was born around 1007 A.D. in Moray Province, Scotland, to Lord Kenneth, the thane of Moray, and his noble lady, who died shortly after giving birth so early. Thriving under the foster care of a doting nurse and ministering attendants, she often avoided their wishes to retain her under their supervision, and sometimes found her way around the castle to her father, taking pleasure of the smile that always lightened his face to the sight of hers as he slept. With him,

Role in the Play Edit

When she heard of the prophecies he was given by the three witches, she immediately became very excited. She is seen as not entirely sane and as the tragedy of Macbeth continues her case worsens until she hallucinates her way into a trance.

After hearing about King Duncan coming to visit their castle, she knew that they were being given a great opportunity. She urged Macbeth to murder Duncan in the night whilst he slept. This is sing of her desire for power in the Scottish monarchy.

Eventually, she died (the cause of her death is unknown). It is often said that she killed herself but there is no evidence in the text to support this. Many remakes have shown her as a suicide victim, killing herself whilst losing her sanity.

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