Lord Montague
Physical Description
Gender ale
Personal Info
Status Alive
Relatives Lady Montague (Wife)
Romeo Montague (Son)
Benvolio Montage (Nephew)
Play Romeo and Juliet
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a is a character in Romeo and Juliet.





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Zeff-Lord Montague

Lord Montague (1968).

Lord Montague is a a character in William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet.


Lord Montage is fully immersed in the feud between the his family and the Capulets. He is an enemy to Lord Capulet. He seemed very concerned about Romeo's sad behavior in the beginning of the play as he described his son's behavior to Benvolio. Towards the end of the play, Lord Montague is very devastated because both his son and his wife are dead, leaving him alone as the head of the Montague house. He and Lord Capulet act like brothers together, and Lord Montague says that he shall erect a statue of the fallen lovers for all of Verona to see.

Great Quotes Edit

"Thou villain Capulet,—Hold me not, let me go." -Lord Montague 1.1

"Who set this ancient quarrel new abroach? Speak, nephew, were you by when it began?" -Lord Montague 1.1

" I would thou wert so happy by thy stay, To hear true shrift. Come, madam, let's away." -Lord Montague 1.1

"O thou untaught! what manners is in this? To press before thy father to a grave?" -Lord Montague 5.3

"There shall no figure at such rate be set As that of true and faithful Juliet." -Lord Montague 5.3