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Basics are Ophelia- Manipulated by all three is a victim of their corruption and the pretence of maddness by Hamlet leads to her own madness and death. The only emotions Ophelia ever shows are fear or regret.


Passiveness: → During the "'"Mousetrap"'", the play within the play. 

→ Conversation with her brother and her father.

→ In confrontation with Hamlet – when he offends her, she says nothing.

Fear: → When Hamlet scares her.

Regret: → Ophelia talks to herself, regrets relationship – believing him about his love for her. (Soliloquy Act III Scene i)

Key Scenes with OpheliaEdit

→ Act I Scene iii – Talking to her brother and father.

→ Act II Scene i – Talking to Polonius after Hamlet "'"affrights"'" her.

→ Act III Scene i – the Nunnery scene, in which Ophelia is used as a guinea pig.

→ Act III Scene ii – During the "'"Mousetrap"'", the play within the play.

→ Act IV Scene v – Madness, song singing, etc.

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