Romeo and Juliet has 22 named characters.  


Romeo - Son of the Montagues who is known and respected all throughout Verona. Initially in love with Rosaline, Romeo goes to a Masquerade where he meets Juliet and falls in love with her. After Tybalt kills Mercutio, Romeo's best friend, Romeo kills Tybalt, unleashing a chain of events that ultimately end with Romeo and Juliet both commiting suicide. Romeo is one of the leading characters in Romeo and Juliet.

Lord Montague - Romeo's father, and head of the Montague household.

Lady Montague - A peace-loving woman who dislikes the violence of the feud. Like her husband, she is concerned by her son's withdrawn and secretive behavior. The news of Romeo's banishment breaks her heart, and she dies of grief. 

Benvolio - The nephew of the Montagues. He is a peace-maker and friend of Romeo and Mercutio.

Balthasar - The servant of Romeo who brings him the news that Juliet is dead.

Abram - A servant to the Montagues.


Juliet - The only child of the Capulet family. A fortnight shy of fourteen, she is an obedient child, but reveals herself to be passionate and willing to betray all that she has been brought up to when she falls in love with Romeo. She is one of the leading characters of Romeo and Juliet. 

Lord Capulet - Father of Juliet, and head of the Capulet household.

Lady Capulet - Juliet's mother who wishes for Romeo to be killed after the murder of Tybalt.

Tybalt - Nephew of the Capuets. He is a trouble-maker who murdered Mercutio. He is then killed by Romeo.

Sampson - Servant to the Capulets and friend of Gregory.

Gregory - Servant of the Capulets and friend of Sampson.

Nurse - The mother-like figure to Juliet. 

Potpan - A comedical servant of the Capulets.

Anthony - The servant of the Capulets who is sent to invite people to Juliet's wedding.

Other CharactersEdit

Escalus - The Prince of Verona who despises the feuds between the Montagues and the Capulets.

Mercutio - The best friend of Romeo. He was killed by Tybalt after getting into a fight with him.

Petruchio - Friend of Tybalt who goes searching for Romeo.

Friar Lawrence - The friar who marries Romeo to Juliet. He was also supposed to marry Paris to Juliet.

Friar John - Friar John is sent by Friar Laurence to Mantua, with letters informing Romeo that Juliet is not in fact dead. 

The Apothecary - The poor old man who illegally sells poison to Romeo.

Lord Paris - A nobleman of Verona. He had plans of marrying Juliet, but got into a fight and was killed by Romeo.