Romeo and Juliet starts with Sampson and Gregory talking.  They then run into Abram and other Montagues servants and they start fighting.  The prince stops the brawl and says that is there is anymore fighting in Verona, the people fighting will die.  Montague relies that Romeo wasn't there and asks his nephew where he is.  Benvolio says that Romeo was in his room mopping. When he finds Romeo, Romeo says that he loves Rosalie, but she doesn't love him back. Benvolio suggests going to Capulet's part to compare her to "other beauties".  At the party, Tybolt spots Romeo and tells Caulet.  Capulet lets Romeo stay because he doesn't want to fight.  Romeo meets Juliet, and they fall in love.  After the party Romeo sneaks into Capulet's orchard and hears Juliet say that she loves Romeo back.  Juliet finds out the Romeo was listening and the talk to each other.  When the nurse starts calling Juliet, Juliet tells Romeo to tell her messenger when they will get married.  The next day Romeo sees Friar Lowrance to arrange the marriage.  He does because he thinks the marriage will end their families feud.  After they get married, Marcusio and Benvolio run into Tybolt and other Capulets.  Marcusio wants to fight Tybolt, but Romeo come to try and stop the fighting.  Tybolt, tying to kill Romeo, kills Marcusio under his arm.  Romeo then kills Tybolt.  The prince decides to banish Romeo and not kill him because he avenged his cousin's death.  After Romeo is banished, Capulet tries to make Juliet marry Paris.  She talks to Friar Lowrance and they make a plan so that Romeo and Juliet can be together.  Juliet will take a sleeping potion while Friar Lowrance write a letter to Romeo.  When Juliet wakes up, she will be in her family's grave.  Friar Lowrance will help Juliet get out and have her meet up with Romeo.  Because the letter never got to Romeo, when he hears the Juliet is dead, he thinks she really is.  Romeo bribes a medicine seller to sell him illegal poison.  Romeo then visits Juliet's grave and drinks the poison.  When Juliet wakes up, she stabs herself.  When Montague and Capulet find out about the plan from Friar Lowrance, they deiced to end their feuding.