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The Three Witches are a trio of characters that appear in Macbeth. They are responsible for setting off the events of the play and are never seen individually.

Act I Edit

In Scene 1, the three witches decide to meet with Macbeth.

In Scene 3, Macbeth and Banquo stumble upon the witches. Here, the witches recite a prophecy saying that Macbeth, currently Thane of Glamis, will eventually become king of Scotland. This causes Macbeth to start thinking about his future reign.

Act III Edit

The Witches do not appear again until the third act, during a short scene where their master, Hecate, lectures them for showing Macbeth the prophecy without her. This scene is often regarded as a "non-Shakespearean" scene, and is frequently excluded from adaptations of the play.

Act IV Edit

At the beginning of Act IV, the witches show Macbeth a series of visions that herald his demise. Afterwards, they vanish for the rest of the play.


  • Act 1, Scene 1


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