Hey everybody. Wave emoticon (If there is anybody here xD) I just wanted to introduce myself to the wiki. I am Avalair, I am an active editor and Chat Moderator at The LEGO Message Boards Wiki and I am a fan of Shakespeare's works. Offline, I am even part of a drama club that preforms Shakespearean plays! I stumbled upon this wiki and noticed that it needed some care. I also noticed that the only admin has not been here in quite a few years. :/ I have been editing and creating pages for the last couple of days and I will be putting an adoption request up at the end of the week because I think I could do a good job at fixing this place up again. If you noticed, I put some delete tags on a few pages because we seem to have had some vandals. When/if I get these rights, I will be sure to clean this place up and make it the top resource for all things Shakespeare! :D

Thanks, and have a nice day! ;)

>---Avalair---> (Talk to meh) 15:07, May 3, 2015 (UTC)

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